This season, Denver Fashion Weekend (DFW) has grown from three days of runway shows to a week of fashion events, workshops and even more shows. With the expansion of event and growth of the attendance comes the need for larger venues.
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Denver Fashion Week will officially be at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum (WOTR) and McNichols Civic Center Building in downtown Denver. DFW was previously at Exdo Event Center spring and fall ’17 shows, and seasons before then, at the City Hall Amphitheatre — now known as Temple Nightclub. However, the WOTR isn’t new for DFW shows. The DFW Summer Fashion and Art Show was held at WOTR, featuring art from the DaVinici’s Machine Exhibition. This year, WOTR will host our runway shows while our Monday and Tuesday industry events can be found at the McNichols building near Civic Center Park. The only runway show not at Wings Over the Rockies will be the Paper Fashion Show on Friday, March 23 at Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for The Performing Arts.

Denver Fashion Week will feature six runway shows at the beginning and end of the week, with workshops for models and designers scheduled throughout the week.

Tickets to the runway shows can be found here and tickets to the workshops can be found here.
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From Tyra Banks to Anna Wintour, the most infamous feuds in fashion history

LAST week, the fashion world was reeling from a tell-all interview with fired British Vogue fashion director Lucinda Chambers published in the academic journal Vestoj. Chambers — who had worked at Vogue for 25 years — said she hadn’t read the glossy “in years.” She lambasted shallow colleagues, deemed the clothes “irrelevant” and called a recent cover with Alexa Chung “crap.”

Such score-settling is, deliciously, de rigueur in la mode. Fashion folk may be
 in the beauty biz, but they’re certainly not afraid to pick fights, throw shade and undermine rivals, as these notorious feuds attest.

Although Azzedine Alaïa is one of the most respected couturiers in the world, Vogue editrix Anna Wintour hasn’t put one of his outfits in her magazine for 20 years. Alaïa, who refuses to advertise, shrugged it off until 2009, when the Met غير مجاز مي باشدtume Institute exhibit “Model as Muse,” which Wintour had a big hand in, left out his contributions. “Who will remember Anna Wintour in the history of fashion? No one,” he lashed out in a 2011 interview with Virgine magazine. Relations haven’t cooled: Last week, Wintour skipped Alaïa’s couture show in Paris — his first in seven years — and Vogue Runway has yet to post photos from it online.

While most women wish they could be recognised for their smarts, these two supermodels are battling over who can claim the moniker “the Body.” In 2006, Klum launched a Victoria’s Secret lingerie line by that name, noting it was her nickname. Macpherson fought back, insisting she was the original “Body.” Klum had the last laugh: She ended up taking over the older supermodel’s Intimates lingerie line as creative director in 2014.

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Peter Cundall: Fashion victims beware

ANYONE who has seen me ambling around would ­instantly recognise, and may even appreciate, my obvious lack of interest in fashionable clothes.
Instagram influencer and fashion lover Ono Bello takes a selfie.

In fact, almost all fashions leave me mystified.

I have never been able to grasp why some people feel they must take seriously certain temporary trends in order to keep up with latest fashions.

I will never forget being interviewed by an awfully posh Sydney lady who told me she wrote regular horticultural comments for a glossy fashion magazine.

She first asked me how I managed to get my garden growing in “Tasmania’s cold climate” and was clearly surprised to learn growing conditions in our Apple Isle were much warmer than those in Britain and Europe, where some of the world’s great gardens flourished.

I gently pointed out the overwhelming majority of proper gardeners would bolt for cover should anyone dare include fashion and gardens in the same breath.

I told her anyone gormless enough to be influenced by this kind of horticultural idiocy could never be taken seriously.

Fashionable gardens exist — but considering the fleeting nature of fashion, what happens when they ­become outdated?

Do they pull out the unfashionable plants and start again?

I remember visiting an impeccably neat, but clinically unhappy, fashion garden.

In the home lived two neatly dressed, sad-eyed, docile little boys.

At precisely the same time every day they were driven to their fashionable school. I discovered at least one reason why they were so sad.

They were never allowed to use the pool or play in the garden because these fashionable additives had to ­remain totally unblemished as they were there simply for show.

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